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Mail Metrics enables companies to solve problems such as removing on-floor printing, moving to lower cost digital communications while improving the control and visibility of your communications.

It transforms how you communicate and engage with your customers by providing one solution for all postal and digital communications, delivering highly personalized and compliant content that bring you and your customer closer together.

The “digital mailroom” is the beating heart of any modern organisation.

Like most other aspects of modern business, the way in which we communicate with our customers is changing rapidly. The outdated concept of “the mailroom”, featuring wall to wall pigeon holes tucked away in the basement, is quickly being consigned to the history books. The “digital mailroom” is the beating heart of any modern organisation; a conduit for the vast amounts of information circulating between you, your customer, and every individual within your enterprise.

The Mail Metrics solution is unique in that it is an integrated software solution. This solution delivers a multi-channel approach to both inbound and outbound customer communication. Crucially it helps to both manage conventional print, pack, and post, while also driving transformation to more personalised, targeted, and measured digital customer communications.


Features & Benefits

Connected Communication Delivers

Complete Visibility & Control

Full track and trace of all documents across all channels giving complete visibility, control, and compliance.

Deep Insights

Real time dashboards and reports to monitor all elements of your Customer Communications as well as back-office operations.

Automate & Digitise

Automate low value documentation heavy back-office tasks to free up FTE, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. Digitise to further reduce costs and improve speed.

Managed Shared Inboxes

Capture and workflow all inbound customer communications across all channels for delivery to the right team / person.

Connected Communications Enables

Cost Reduction – Automated processing of policyholder documentation will reduce your back office processing and postal costs

Compliance – Ensure compliance with Regulatory and SLA requirements giving you peace of mind

Digital Transformation – Move from in-house manual processing of postal correspondence to automated processing with email as the default

Happier Employees – Free up Handler / Agent time to focus on delivering better customer experience leading to higher levels of retention and cross-selling

Improved CX – Quicker digital communications across email and SMS will support improved retention and cross-selling

Real-Time Metrics – Complete visibility of policyholder communication at the touch of a button

Related Case study

Royal & Sun Alliance

RSA Insurance provides a range of general insurance products across the UK & Ireland. Mail Metrics provided customer communication solutions that transformed how RSA communicated and engaged with their customers by providing one solution for all postal and digital communications.