Portfolio Planning

Revolutionise Your Portfolio
Planning Process with Aangine.

Using the next generation portfolio planning tool, empowered by algorithms, optimise the delivery of your portfolio of projects by identifying resource clashes, resource opportunity and the optimal delivery plan.

Empowered by algorithms, your roadmap instantly incorporates all changes of capacity, budgets, new projects and ideas

Features & Benefits

Aangine Delivers

9% budget savings

Achieve 9% savings vs project spend using manual tools or spreadsheets. Clashes and conflicts which cause overrun are easily identified.

50% more projects delivered on time

Plan for optimal mix of projects to deliver more projects on time.

Shorten planning time from weeks to days

Automating the portfolio planning process will radically cut time to plan complex programmes.

22% more projects planned

Identify under-utilisation of resources to deliver more projects.

Aangine Enables

Replan in minutes
Dynamic portfolio planning on a single Click to visualise the impact of change on all projects.

Data-driven decision making
Bringing accurate data to decisions on changes to portfolio plans. Visualisation of changes supports quicker decision making.

What-if scenario comparison
Powerful dashboards to analyse and compare different scenarios.

Agile, waterfall and hybrid projects
Plan with confidence regardless of your development approach.

Next Level Planning
From telco transformation projects to pharma and financial services, Aangine’s modern architecture provides flexibility to manage programmes across a range of different sectors.

Compliments any Project Delivery Tool
Aangine uses existing data available in Atlassian Jira, MS EPM, MF PPM, Broadcom Clarity, Planview and any other.

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