WorkiQ from ActiveOps

Flexible and remote working have brought new strains on work life balance. WorkiQ provides the visibility to ensure employees are not working excessive hours or taking enough breaks. It provides peace of mind to ensure employees are achieving the necessary balance.

Measure in Real-time

WorkiQ captures time spent per application – discovering what’s actually happening – so you can manage work with the greatest accuracy and collaborate with your team members to increase work efficiency and utilisation. User activity is collected directly from each monitored desktop (whether the user is a human or a robot), via a Citrix® server, or mainframe.

WorkiQ’s dynamic, real-time dashboards – which even non-technical users can customise to show the most relevant analytics to give you invaluable operational intelligence into the work each employee does, how long it takes, and the outcomes of each employee’s effort.

WorkiQ captures workforce analytics from desktop activity for all employees whether they are in the office or remote.

We take the guesswork out of where your people - or your automated workers - spend their time, by implementing the right tools to analyse worker productivity. So you can make meaningful management decisions.

Features & Benefits

WorkiQ Delivers

WorkiQ provides insight into employee work time enabling identification of staff working excessive hours or not taking sufficient breaks.

Remote Working
Complete visibility of all staff whether working at home or in the office, providing managers with the data they need in real time.

Process Improvement
Identify time spent in different applications and systems to target process improvement or automation.

Identify differences between staff to share best practice replicating top performer experience across teams.

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