Company Announcements | 17th September 2020

Xcentuate launches productivity tracker for remote workers

BizPlus reports that Dublin management consultancy Xcentuate has launched a new software product for the Irish market that can help employers monitor the productivity of their remote workers.

Called WorkiQ, the workforce productivity software was developed by ActiveOps, a London-headquartered tech company that specialises in back-office workforce optimisation software. Xcentuate is the Irish partner of ActiveOps.

The WorkiQ platform is pitched by Xcentuate as a resource to “support worker development and wellbeing”. For employers, this translates as being able to find out “the work each employee does, how long it takes and the outcome of each employee’s effort”.

WorkiQ’s uses real-time dashboards that are designed to help non-technically minded employers analyse how productive their remote workers are.

According to Xcentuate founders Ray Bowe (pictured) and Dan Carroll, falling productivity among remote employees may require additional supports from businesses, such as mentoring or flexitime. The WorkiQ software, they suggest, could help identify this need and indirectly improve employee wellbeing.

“Many Irish firms are flying blind when it comes to measuring real-time productivity,” said Bowe. You need complete data to make meaningful management decisions. That’s why any analytics solution must capture a full timeline of activity data.

“WorkiQ does that for office-based or at-home workers by providing a wide range of reports that help empower people at every level to perform and engage. In terms of financials, WorkiQ typically pays for itself six months from activation.”

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