Advice | 6th January 2019

Improving Irish Productivity

Irish Productivity

OECD says most Irish firms have had declining productivity over the past decade – see article here. To achieve a sustainable improvement in productivity in an operation there are 3 essential elements. 


A system is required to provide key operational metrics to enable clear decision making and support a rigorous operational method. This ensures managers have information available in a timely manner and are not spending considerable amounts of their time pulling information from different sources.

2. Process

A thorough process is required to drive the use of this information. These practices need to happen on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to drive use of the information, maximise any benefits and ensure that these benefits are sustained.

3. Capability

People managers need to have necessary operational and communication skills. This is an area that is routinely overlooked but is essential to achieving improvements in productivity. People are at the heart of operations, so it is essential that the skills of the managers are developed in line with the implementation of the system and process.

It is very unusual to come across a solution which contains the 3 elements above but Workware from ActiveOps does and can:

– Improve productivity by 15%+ leading to reduced costs
– Improve consistency of service
– Improve management operational capability

Xcentuate is the Irish implementation partner of ActiveOps. ActiveOps is the global leader in providing cloud-based software and services for operational management operating across over 40 countries. If you would like to know about how this solution can improve your business feel free to contact us.

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