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Xcentuate partners with customers in the Financial Services, Agri, Pharma
and Public sectors in EMEA and Asia-Pacific to transform their business operations. 

ActiveOps operates across the globe from offices in the UK, India, South Africa and North America.

ActiveOps supports back office operations in financial services, shared service centres, government organisations and Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs). Comprised of Workware+, Active Operations Management (AOM) Method, and OpsIndex, their employee productivity monitoring and workforce management technologies provide a real-time 360° view of your operations–digital and human.

SS&C Blue Prism is the world’s largest hedge fund and private equity administrator.

SS&C Blue Prism is the world’s largest hedge fund and private equity administrator, as well as the largest mutual fund transfer agency. Our unique business model combines end-to-end expertise across financial services operations with software and solutions to service even the most demanding customers in the financial services and healthcare industries. SS&C Blue Prism owns and operates the full technology stack across securities accounting, front-to-back-office operations, performance and risk analytics, regulatory reporting, and healthcare information processes.

Our solutions allow organisations to deliver transformational business value via our intelligent automation platform. We make products with one aim in mind – to improve experiences for people. By connecting people and digital workers you can use the right resource, every time, for the best customer and business outcomes. We supply enterprise-wide software that not only provides full control and governance, but also allows businesses to react fast to continuous change.

Mail Metrics helps to manage conventional print, pack, and post.

Mail Metrics provides an integrated software solution that delivers a multi-channel approach to both inbound and outbound customer communication. Crucially it helps to manage conventional print, pack, and post, while also driving transformation to more personalised, targeted, and measured digital customer communications. This will drive improved outcomes for your customers, as well as operational excellence within your business.

Puzzel delivers connected experiences in a future-proofed, easy-to-use solution.

In a world where customer experience rules, getting it right for your customers and your team is the only option. Puzzel delivers connected experiences in a future-proofed, easy-to-use solution. That’s what makes us the customer service platform for everyone, you included. Our complete omnichannel cloud platform enables your business to manage every aspect of customer contact simply, effectively and in one place. So you can focus on delivering exceptional, memorable service.

Our latest WFM technology eliminates the need for spreadsheets, delivers accurate forecasting, optimises scheduling and gives you immediate insight into agent performance to support real-time decision-making. You can easily and effectively manage your teams with our cost-effective solution while also empowering your agents with self-scheduling.

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