Complex case based WFM powered by

Active Ops

Focus on the right cases at the right time and manage capacity and caseload with better visibility, predictability, and control.

CaseworkiQ is a cloud-based workforce management solution specifically designed to support back-office operations processing case-based work.

It enables operations managers and leaders to make better decisions using detailed, actional insights and planning capabilities. With a complete view of case work environments, CaseworkiQ improves decision making so operations leaders can better manage and prioritise caseloads, forecast, plan, manage capacity and performance. As a result, the risks (and costs) of missing Service Level Agreements (SLA) or regulatory non-compliance are reduced, and productivity improves.


CaseworkiQ delivers a 15% productivity increase and payback
within the first year.

Features & Benefits

CaseworkiQ Delivers

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Real-time operations dashboards

Make timely and informed decisions with actionable insights on case types, priority, effort resource availability, and capacity.

Instant aggregated SLA performance

Mitigate risk of SLA failure across your operations with visibility into combined performance across case outcomes and activity types.

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Early warning system

Ensure cases with the biggest risk of SLA failure are prioritised by accessing a predictive view and tracking progress in real time, at individual and department level.

Typical case profiles

Improve both your ability to resource and your process by understanding the case profile, its touchpoints and the effort they take.

Move Faster

Performance and capacity management

Ensure resources align with workload requirements to enable capacity release through improved productivity and the opportunity to optimise individual performance.

Accelerated backlog reduction

Improve completion rates and reduce case backlogs faster thanks to greater operational efficiency.


CaseworkiQ help bring visibility, predictability and control for case-based work while also effectively demonstrating control and resilience to regulators

Reduce risk with compliance reporting

Complex areas such as risk and financial crime have seen huge growth in recent years and now require a level of operational control to ensure that they can meet their regulatory commitments.

CaseworkiQ empowers managers to have real time visibility of work and get in
control of meeting key deadlines and staffing needs. Analytics in CaseworkiQ
provides a rich insight into end to end effort to support change and transformation


Active Operations Management Delivers

Get real-time visibility into all cases at aggregate and individual level to effectively manage and prioritise casework

Improve operational efficiency and productivity

Ensure the optimal level of resources required to meet SLAs are available

Continuously improve productivity levels and SLAs

Demonstrate control and compliance to regulators through a detailed compliance audit thread

Reduce the risk of failure and avoid costs of non-compliance with regulatory commitments

Why choose CaseworkiQ and ActiveOps?

CaseworkiQ is the first workforce management solution specifically designed for back-office operations processing case-based work. Paired with coaching and operational skills accreditation powered by a proven operations framework, it drives tangible improvements in employee productivity and operational performance in case-based environments.