Advice | 7th September 2023

OpsTracker Q3 “A Mid-Year Performance Review”

What’s the half year report card for Ops around the world?

We are excited to bring you access to this quarter’s performance Tracker for Operations report. The initial six months of the year posed significant challenges for operations leaders, having to navigate disruptions caused by ongoing inflation and rapid increases in interest rates. While there is no magic wand to solve this, there is a proven recipe for boosting operational performance. Think of it as adding five key ingredients to your operations mix: agility, control, effectiveness, efficiency, and focus. The secret sauce? Use the intelligence from across the globe combined with your data to determine which ingredient to sprinkle more generously. And that’s what OpsTracker gives you.

What’s new in this edition:

The latest quarter paints a brighter picture: UK & Ireland’s performance is on the upswing, Australia and New Zealand are confidently holding onto their top scorecard spots, and North America is in the race for the coveted first place.

In his guest article, senior operations leader Marc Romain challenges operations teams to get a handle on their data to drive better decision making, and why this is critical for understanding the right levers to pull.

Ray Bowe, CEO of Dublin-based international operational management solutions provider Xcentuate, explains the nuances between the UK and Irish market, how Ireland’s banks are benefiting from the exit of two foreign players, and the impact that is having on operations teams.

Plus, five key trends to watch out and more insightful articles from operations experts around the world sharing their opinion and diving into the regional impact.

We hope you enjoy the latest edition, and we look forward to sharing next quarter’s insights and recommendations.

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