Advice | 15th April 2024

The Future of Ops

How will AI Reshape Service Operations

The avalanche of interest in generative AI is poised to entirely change the world of service operations. Many ops leaders are realising the potential for AI – both generative and non-generative – to ease the constant pressure to reduce costs and work more efficiently, even with fewer resources at their disposal.
While operations teams are already using technology such as robotic process automation (RPA) to automate certain tasks and streamline workflows, workloads have remained resilient – often because there is a limit to what can be done without human intervention.

The next generation of AI tools promises to change all of that. With increasingly ‘intelligent’ automation at their disposal, organisations will need fewer people and become far more data-centric, with AI generating prescriptive insights that will help organisations improve their decision-making.
In this white paper we examine the challenges service operations face to unlock the power of AI and explore the potential AI use cases that will change the way operations are run moving forward.

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