Advice | 19th January 2021

Introducing WorkiQ, for Smarter Remote Working

With the on-going prevalence of home working likely to continue for the foreseeable future we are delighted to be bringing a new product to the market. This new product from our partner ActiveOps, the global leader in operations management, gives you the real-time, accurate data and reporting to help manage your blended workforce.


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Introducing WorkiQ

WorkiQ will give you a virtual operations environment that will enable you to ‘see’ who is available for work, what application they are currently using, how long their working day is and how staff spend their time throughout the day. 


WorkiQ Features & Benefits

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• Gives real-time insight to ensure employee wellbeing is being maintained. With an ever increasing degree of home-working, WorkiQ gives you the opportunity to ensure your teams are maintaining an appropriate work/life balance.

• Enables leaders to prioritise and balance work demand to available resources to ensure customer service is maintained and that employee engagement is optimised.

Lowers overall operational costs by increasing productivity.

• Creates real-time management reports so that you know how individuals and teams compare. This insight can help you create better ways of working for your people and immediately helps identify team members that would benefit from further coaching.

We will train your managers to interpret the data and provide insights which will lead to meaningful conversations that support wellbeing and the sharing of best practice.

• The solution requires no user input as the software simply sits on individuals’ desktops and automatically collects the user information.

• Set up is a simple and can be deployed at scale in just 3 weeks.


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