Company Announcements | 7th April 2020

Xcentuate Ink New Deal with ActiveOps

Cloud-based software provider ActiveOps and management solutions firm Xcentuate have signed a deal that will extend the two companies’ relationship in Ireland.

Xcentuate chief executive Ray Bowe (pictured) said: “This is an important development in terms of our future growth in Ireland and expansion plans internationally. It’s also a reflection of the work we’re doing and the scale of change we are able to effect in terms of multi-million euro cost savings, productivity uplifts of between 15 to 25% within a 12-week implementation period and a return on investment within nine months.

“Our priority now is supporting our clients during this Covid-19 period and advising them how to achieve business continuity and resilience. We have also placed our expertise at the disposal of the government to help in whatever way we can, and have offered them our software free of charge.”

ActiveOps supplies cloud-based enterprise software for large-scale operations management solutions. It also specialises in digital management solutions, including managing employees who work from home — a cohort that has grown rapidly in just two weeks.

Free Assessments

Xcentuate is offering free operational diagnostic assessments to non-client businesses who find themselves struggling to meet consumer demand, and offers advice to help mitigate the impact of situations created by Covid-19 – in particular, where significant portions of the operation are home working.

Bowe added: “Operations systems, familiar to most of us as Customer Support, are the backbone of Irish commercial life. However, because of Covid-19 many are coming under massive duress with some handling a year’s worth of activity in only a matter of weeks or trying to plan for scenarios where a large portion of the workforce are not available.

“The need to be agile and robust enough to survive and work efficiently to handle the unprecedented is essential. No plan survives contact with reality, but this is especially true in the Covid-19 environment. In situations where circumstances change quickly and unpredictably, having the right management tools and processes is essential.”

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